Four brothers’ Atlantic rowing challenge secures backing of Westcotts

A challenge by two sets of twins from Tiverton to become the first four brothers to row any ocean in the world is being supported by Westcotts.

Jack, Hamish, Arthur and Euan, known as ‘The Friend Brothers’ will be rowing 3,000 miles unsupported across the Atlantic, when they set off from La Gomera in the Canary Islands in December, as part of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge.

Westcotts, which has 17 offices in Devon and Somerset including Exeter, Honiton and Tiverton, is supporting the brothers as one of their sponsors. The firm’s partner Mandy French (pictured) joined the team at Exmouth Marina during their training session on the water at the weekend.

The non-stop crossing, known as the ‘world’s toughest row,’ is expected to take between 30 and 45 days and the brothers hope to arrive in Antigua in January 2023.

Mandy French, partner at Westcotts, said: “The challenge that these guys are undertaking is absolutely awe inspiring and you can see why it’s being billed as one of the most demanding endurance events on the planet. As a friend of ‘The Friendship’ we are proud to play our part in helping Jack, Hamish, Arthur and Euan achieve their goal and, in the process, raise much needed funds for charity. At Westcotts, we are committed to the local communities we serve, and it is incredibly important for us to give our support to events such as this, wherever and whenever we can.”

We launched our new brand identity and change of name earlier this month and the firm’s logo will be proudly displayed on the rowing boat as part of the ‘Friendship.’

Jack said: “We grew up around Tiverton and our families are based in Mid Devon, so it made complete sense to partner with local companies such as Westcotts for this. Aligning ourselves with businesses from where we are from is integral to our fund-raising efforts and sponsors like Westcotts enable us to get to the start line. They become as much a part of the team as the four of us and are vital to providing the support we need. Working with the firm, which has deep-rooted connections in the South West, is very important to the us and we look forward to seeing our relationship with Westcotts grow and develop.”

The Friendship aims to raise £150,000 for three charities – Drive Forward Foundation, Friends of Kiwoko Hospital, Uganda and Churches Housing Action Team (CHAT) working across Mid Devon. They also need to raise £130,000 worth of corporate sponsorship to cover shipping costs, the boat, food, equipment, emergency and saf

ety training, coaching and medical supplies.

As part of the journey, the brothers will row around the clock, 24 hours a day, alternating two-hour rowing shifts between them. They will face immense mental, physical and logistical challenges during the 3,000-miles including shark infested waters, storms, shipping lanes, sleep deprivation, exhaustion and hallucinations, blisters and salt sores, dehydration and 40-degree heat.

Drinking supplies will be produced by using solar panels on the boat to turn salt water into fresh water and the team will take turns resting and sleeping in the water-tight cabin in between rowing shifts.

For more information about the challenge, including details of how to support or donate to the team, visit

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