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Hospitality and leisure based businesses are at the heart of the South West economy and given our beautiful countryside and coastline, also form the backbone of the tourism offering for the region. The sector employs huge numbers of people and is one of the most significant contributors to the regional economy.

As a leading UK firm, Westcotts has direct experience of many hospitality and leisure businesses throughout our 16 offices which are spread across the region. Some of our team have experience in running businesses in the sector and we have huge knowledge about how these businesses are created, run, built and exited.

Our digital services team has been instrumental in setting up many of these businesses on software that helps to produce management information. Our teams then help to interpret this and produce targets and strategies for our clients in the sector. We have recommended “stacks” of software for different businesses within the sector; so if you need advice on food and drink, hotels, cafes or leisure facilities, ask for our help.

As a sector that often has high capital requirements, we recognise the need for targeted tax planning to make the most of tax incentives and opportunities that can be easily missed. And our audit teams are used to the complexities that come from multiple outlets and operations and the benefits that can be gained from different structures.

So, if you need advice as a new entrant to the hospitality and leisure industry, want to make the most of tax allowances or enhance your business strategy and information, please give the Hospitality and leisure team a call.

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