We’re here for the farming community.

With 17 offices across Devon and Somerset, we are never very far from the agricultural community that underpins much of rural life. We have been dealing with farmers and taxation matters for over 40 years and so have a wealth of experience to draw from.

Over the years we have developed specialist knowledge in the agricultural sector and our agricultural team has a wealth of experience in dealing with the issues that are specific to farmers. We understand that as well as being a business, farming is a way of life and, more often than not, is very much a family affair with the hope that the farm will pass down the generations.

Agriculture is, by its nature, a very capital intensive activity. In addition, the financial performance of farms is greatly influenced by factors outside of the farmer’s control, such as the weather and market prices, and can fluctuate from one year to the next. Many farmers are also having to look at opportunities to diversify their activities.

Many of the taxes reflect these issues and there are a number of tax reliefs which are unique to farming. It is vital that any planning takes account of these aspects and looks to maximise the tax reliefs available whilst protecting the farming assets.

We are able to discuss issues clearly in straight forward language and take a well-rounded approach to giving advice which takes account of personal and family concerns as well as the financial and tax implications.

We’re here to help family farms and farming families.

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