Payroll Pain Points: Cost Reduction, Downsizing, and Restructuring 

Westcotts and Morgers Drewett are excited to launch a mini podcast series, tailored for business leaders in South West England. This series features frequently asked questions from CEOs, MDs, Directors, HR, and finance experts posing issues concerning a range of employment related matters. Payroll expert Jake Elms and HR specialist Lucy Cotterell from Mogers Drewett will provide insightful answers. Topics include cost reduction, downsizing, restructuring, employee recruitment and retention, and hybrid/home working strategies. The finale features real-life payroll case studies.

The topics we’re covering in this short series will include:

1. Cost Reduction, Downsizing, and Restructuring 

2. Recruitment & Retention of Employees 

3. Hybrid & Home Working 

4. Real Examples of Payroll Pain Points 

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