SRA Account Rules 2023

In a recent collaborative session with PrimeGlobal members, featuring legal experts and independent advisers, the team provided a comprehensive review of the 2023 SRA Account Rules period, while pinpointing and examining emerging trends.

The discussion sheds light on several pivotal developments. Among the topics explored were the notable shift towards automation, a decline in pink slips and clerical errors, variations in interest rates, the intricacies of partial VAT exemption, the hurdles of reconciliation processes, and the imperative need for more extensive training. Furthermore, there was a reflective examination of the considerable changes introduced since the 2019 amendments, coupled with an assessment of how the pandemic has influenced work patterns across the sector.

Join Veronique Walkey and host Matt Melksham from Westcotts, Claire Watkins from Buzzacott, and Ellis Lake from Larking Gowen—as we delve into these changes and share insights on improving efficiency in legal practices. Our discussion also includes personal anecdotes and the challenges we’ve navigated over the past year.

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