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Westcotts is one of more than 300 companies across the world working together with PrimeGlobal to deliver the best possible service for their clients. Here, Westcotts Managing Partner Shona Godefroy explains what it means to be part of PrimeGlobal, the Association of Advisory and Accounting Firms…

As a leading regional firm, Westcotts is a close-knit team of experienced and talented experts who know their local community and clients well, many of whom they have long established relationships with. But we’re also part of an international community.

For the past 20 years or so, Westcotts has been a member of PrimeGlobal, an award-winning organisation that connects advisory and accounting firms across the world. We share expert knowledge and advice and have built up close working relationships with international contacts in a range of different sectors of the industry.

What this means for our clients is that they get the best of all worlds. Westcotts is based in the South West of the UK but through PrimeGlobal, we’re able to access expert opinion in more than a hundred countries.

Building business overseas

At a time when more of our clients are looking to expand abroad, this network of specialist advice is more important than ever. It means that we can call on our contacts – many of whom we’ve known for years – to make sure we’ve got the latest information and advice available, right when it matters.

We have had clients who may be thinking of expanding overseas, and right away, we are able to call on an accountant or tax expert in that country to help find out more about the particular finance or tax regime in that country and discuss issues that our client should consider. This kind of ‘on the ground’ information perfectly complements the advice and support we at Westcotts can give our clients.

It works both ways, too. As a member of PrimeGlobal, we can help our colleagues in other countries who need expert advice and opinion about the different sectors here in the UK.

Whether it’s an issue to do with audit assurance, corporate finance, business recovery and insolvency, international tax, education, charity and not for profit, digital, we’ve got specialist interest groups that cover a range of different services and sectors.

A forward-thinking firm

Being part of a global network is important for the growth and development of Westcotts as a firm.

Yes, we are a regional practice, but we’ve got this incredible resource we can tap into to help us look much farther afield. Digital is a big growth area for us at the moment, as is environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG).

Being part of PrimeGlobal means we have a ready-made network of experts we can call on to support each other through these rapidly expanding areas, sharing advice and the latest information.

Get back what you put in

As with anything in life, you get back what you put in. Being a member of PrimeGlobal is not about simply being a name on a list. You have to be proactive to reap the full rewards that come with this unique association. Going to meetings, interacting with special interest groups, getting involved with webinars, online discussions, and events – it all helps to build good relationships for us, which in turn benefits our clients.

My colleagues and I are preparing to head up to Edinburgh next month for PrimeGlobal’s 2023 Business Leadership Forum. More than 100 people from across the industry in the UK and Europe will be attending. We’ll get together over the course of three days and share our thoughts on everything from digital technology, discussing best practice for the future of our firms, and our journey through ESG. These types of events are a great way to build contacts and new ideas. Taking an active role in this global community will no doubt help Westcotts as it continues to develop and thrive.

For more information, visit PrimeGlobal.

Written by Shona Godefroy

May 15, 2023

Category: Blog

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